[Snort-users] ids problems

Guillaume Arcas guillaume.arcas at ...953...
Thu Apr 22 01:06:12 EDT 2004

Jasmine CHUA a dit :


> Problem 1)
> Flow-Portscan works but not quite well for me. On Acid I only see the very
> first portscan alert and thereafter, I don't get to see the next and the
> next portscan alert on Acid. Its really weird. Right now, I can only see
> all
> the portscan alerts in syslog.
> Here's my snort.conf:
> preprocessor flow: stats_interval  hash 2
> preprocessor flow-portscan: unique-memcap 5000000 unique-rows 50000
> tcp-penalties on server-scanner-limit 4 server-watchnet $HOME_NET
> alert-mode
> once output-mode pktkludge

You have to change the alert mode from "once" (only log the first event)
to "all" (quite self-understanding...).

Guillaume Arcas

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