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Thu Apr 22 00:56:32 EDT 2004

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> Hello all,
> Need a little help here configuring snort to sniff on two interfaces
> simultaneously in a low traffic environment.
> Tried editing /etc/init.d/snort config file with IFACE=eth0,eth1

That will try to sniff on an interface named "eth0,eth1" and will almost 
certainly fail.

> then IFACE=[eth0,eth1]


> then two separate lines of IFACE=eth0 and IFACE=eth1

The second line will redefine the shell variable IFACE from eth0 to eth1 
and snort will only sniff on eth1.

> all with no joy. Read Beale, Foster and Posluns' book cover to cover.
> Checked man pages. Searched archives. All have HINTS that it can be done
> but no one specifies the syntax of the initiation or conf file.

With the standard snortd init script, setting

        IFACE="eth1 -i eth0 -i eth3"

should work. Note the '-i's for the second and subsequent interfaces.

Alternatively, bond the interfaces together, and attach snort to the bond0 

> Anyone done this before?
> MJ

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