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Wed Apr 21 19:51:10 EDT 2004

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Hi I am faced with some problems with snort and i can't figure how to go
about troubleshooting the problems. Can anyone give me a hint?

Problem 1)

Flow-Portscan works but not quite well for me. On Acid I only see the very
first portscan alert and thereafter, I don't get to see the next and the
next portscan alert on Acid. Its really weird. Right now, I can only see all
the portscan alerts in syslog. 

Here's my snort.conf:

preprocessor flow: stats_interval 0 hash 2
preprocessor flow-portscan: unique-memcap 5000000 unique-rows 50000
tcp-penalties on server-scanner-limit 4 server-watchnet $HOME_NET alert-mode
once output-mode pktkludge

Problem 2)

ICMP traffic - I get to see the full payload 
TCP traffic - I don't get to see the full payload. Its still complaining of
fast logging mode. 

Each Snort Config file has its output configured as:
output alert_syslog: LOG_DAEMON LOG_ALERT
output log_unified: filename snort.log, limit 128

Each Barnyard Config:
processor dp_log
processor dp_stream_stat
output log_acid_db: mysql, sensor_id 1, database snort, server localhost,
user xxxx, password xxxx, detail full

How I run Snort:

/usr/bin/snort -D -U -o -I -c /etc/snort/snort.conf -i eth1 -u snort -g
snort -l /var/log/snort/ -F /etc/snort/filter.bpf
/usr/bin/snort -D -U -o -I -c /etc/snort/snorttwo.conf -i eth2 -u snort -g
snort -l /var/log/snort_eth2/ -F /etc/snort/filter.bpf

How I run Barnyard:

/usr/bin/barnyard -c /etc/snort/barnyard.conf -d /var/log/snort/ -g
/etc/snort/gen-msg.map -s /etc/snort/sid-msg.map -w
/var/log/snort/barnyard.waldo -L /var/log/snort/ -a /var/log/snort/archive/
-f snort.log -X /var/run/barnyard.pid
/usr/bin/barnyard -c /etc/snort/barnyardtwo.conf -d /var/log/snort_eth2/ -g
/etc/snort/gen-msg.map -s /etc/snort/sid-msg.map -w
/var/log/snort_eth2/barnyard.waldo -L /var/log/snort_eth2/ -a
/var/log/snort_eth2/archive/ -f snort.log -X /var/run/barnyard2.pid

I have two snort and two barnyard instances running on the same box,
sniffing two interfaces, with separate configuration files. 

Many Thanks,
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