[Snort-users] Maximum Hardware Capacity for sensor

Brian Webster bwebster at ...11660...
Wed Apr 21 15:44:03 EDT 2004

I was wondering if someone had some basic component specs or rule of thumb requirements for a Linux based IDS (running Snort/MySQL/apache/ACID) based on network size or activity.
The plan is to run this IDS in the internal net. I am hoping to drop this in off one of the routers and direct all traffic for all subnets by it. This will generate a significant amount of traffic. In the current test environment, behind several switches, I am seeing about 10 percent of the network traffic. This logs about 3000-6000 alerts per day. By my estimations this may jump to 50,000+ once I employ it behind the main router. 
I fear I will fill my database logs quite quickly. The other concern is if the machine will keep up with the volume?
If someone out there (with a whole lot more experience than me) cares to to share their wisdom of what I can expect, I would appriciate the input. 

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