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--On 20 April 2004 19:18 -0400 Matt Kettler <mkettler at ...4108...> wrote:

> At 03:05 PM 4/20/2004, Chuck Holley wrote:
>>  What does the external_net mean??  I guess I am looking for a sample
>> conf with explanations of my options and what they mean.  I am brand new
>> to IDS, excuse my ignorance.
> EXTERNAL_NET is just a variable used by many rules in the ruleset. Most
> of the default ruleset looks for attacks which come from an IP address in
> EXTERNAL_NET and go to HOME_NET. Others look for exploit responses going
> the other way.
> In general, EXTERNAL_NET should be set to whatever IP addresses you want
> to monitor as potential sources of attack. "any" is a good starting
> point, but !HOME_NET also has it's merits in that you save CPU time by
> not checking packets generated by your own network as a source of attack.
> However, what you want/need to monitor is very dependent on what kind of
> network you run. For example, if you worked for a university, it might
> well be that you would reverse the typical meanings of HOME and EXTERNAL
> and monitor for attacks coming from your computer labs and being launched
> into the rest of the world.

...or even monitor from any to any. :-)

IMHO, just like outbound (aka egress) filtering, this is good practice and 
shouldn't just be done by universities.

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