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Chuck Holley cholley at ...11679...
Tue Apr 20 05:43:03 EDT 2004

This is my problem.  I have a snort box (setup using Patrick Harpers install
guide for Fedora C1) local to the switch that all of my servers reside on.
I set the switch (HP 2848) to monitor the port which is uplinked to my
router, and to mirror the traffic to the port my snort box is on.  I did a
lot of scanning last night from home using "nmap" and the "cis" scanning
tools. I wrote down the ip address that my ISP gave me, came in this morning
to see what snort had logged through ACID; and there was one alert to one of
my servers.  I pinged and scanned about 10 servers last night, and it only
got one?????  My question is, are packets being dropped at my switch or is
snort not logging properly due to some options not being specified.  If I
run nmap locally, snort pretty much gets it all, although it takes a little
while to see in ACID.




Chuck Holley

LAN Administrator

FitnessQuest Inc.

Canton, OH

cholley at ...11679...



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