[Snort-users] Leasing snort system

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Knoppix-STD v 0.1 has Snort 2.10 installed but I think you would have
trouble running it for 5 days if you are going to send a lot of traffic to
it.  You could try installing Knoppix to hard disk and would probably have
better results.

Another option is to try Patrick Harper's new installation document that
uses more RPM's and looks much easier to install.


Keith Loyd, CISSP, MCSE

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"Mario Guerendo" <m.guerendo at ...5068...> writes:

>    Hi Everyone,
>    I was just thinking, and was wondering if I could lease a working
>    snort system for approximately 5 days.  Just so I can collect data
>    like DoS (i.e. ping attacks).  I will actually generate those attacks
>    myself and record the response on snort.  I tried to configure snort
>    on my system but was never successful, I am running out of time.
>    Would anyone have such a system?  Basically configured to collect
>    intrusions (DoS preferably).  I just want to be able to send echos to
>    the system so I can collect them.  Thx.

If you can't find a pre-setup snort box for lease - Knoppix-STD is a
Linux distribution that boots of CD and has snort on I think. Then
you'd just need to find some generic leased equipment which should be
a little bit easier to get hold of.

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Information Technology Services, Massey University, NZ.
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