[Snort-users] Ethernet Tap

Richard Bejtlich richard_bejtlich at ...131...
Fri Apr 16 08:32:14 EDT 2004

Sean Lazar wrote:

The reason for a two card setup with a tap is to
physically prevent your IDS from ever transmitting. 


Don't forget that a tap preserves the full duplex
nature of a link, unlike a hub.  The two outputs to
the probe on a traditional tap represent the two TX
sides of a full duplex conversation.  That's why
traditional tap outputs feed into two probe NICs.

I say "traditional tap" because the new Net Optics
10/100 Ethernet Port Aggregator Tap is the first
device to offer a RAM-buffered single output.[0]

I don't buy the "buy a switch" argument either.  I did
a cost and feature comparison at my Blog:



Jens Altrock wrote:

I'd need a software that reassembles the network
traffic in a way right?



I just posted on my Blog the method I use to combine
separate physical NIC traffic into a single virtual


When you have that single virtual NIC, you can run
Tcpdump or Snort against it without problems.

Good luck,


[0] See
for info on the Net Optics product.

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