[Snort-users] Snortcenter?

Steffen Maetzky (extern) Steffen.Maetzky at ...11508...
Fri Apr 16 03:40:06 EDT 2004


I try to find a way to update my rules automatically.
It seems to me that there are two possibilities:

1. Oinkmaster
2. Snortcenter

I will take a look on both to decide if the additional features of
snortcenter are useful for me or not (Without further information: I
think they are).

I read some mailings about problems with using snortcenter and
snort-2.1.x.That's why I like to know if a workaround or a modified
version of snortcenter is known which can be used for linux (RH)

I have found a modified version of snortcenter on: 


but this seems to be for windows only.

Thanks in advance,



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