[Snort-users] Using Snort with WhatsUp Gold?

Guillaume Arcas guillaume.arcas at ...953...
Tue Apr 13 22:47:07 EDT 2004

Paul Martin a dit :

> Also, I checked the SNMP log file in WhatsUp Gold, and saw this:
> 20040413 151016 SNMP Trap Server Plugin: Bind error 10048 (162)
> This appears to show that WhatsUp couldn't bind to port 162, but I don't
> know why.  Netstat didn't show anything bound to that port already.  Any
> assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Does WhatsUp have the right to bind to this port ? Maybe needs to be run
(or launch and then leave this identity thereafter) as root to bind itself
on ports above 1024.

Guillaume Arcas

Il faut nous quitter. Nous sommes deux enfants,
nous avons fait une folie. (Yvonne de Galais)

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