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Sun Apr 11 02:07:12 EDT 2004

On Sat, Apr 10, 2004 at 03:48:34PM -0500, eric-dated-1083277626.193075aa63e273 at ...11523... wrote:
> You would need to decrypt the SSLized traffic. There's tools to do
> this -- sslsniff comes to mind. Or, you could find a way to use the

No it can't. This has become a bit of a "urban forktale". Tools such as
ssldump - if provided with a copy of the private key of one of the end nodes
on a SSL transaction - can decrypt SSL traffic encrypted using "static RSA
keys". No-one uses "static RSA keys" - so to say ssldump can decrypt normal
HTTPS SSL traffic is an extreme stretch. 

The way to allow IDS to see HTTPS traffic is to make it see HTTP traffic.
i.e. put in a reverse proxy. Get it to convert the incoming HTTPS connection
into a HTTP connection to the backend server. We do it - it works fine.


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