[Snort-users] WatchHog Released - a web-based snort alert analyser.

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Sat Apr 10 09:53:05 EDT 2004

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Subject: [Snort-users] WatchHog Released - a web-based snort alert analyser.

> WatchHog is a web-based snort alert analyser/reporting tool that queries
> SQL database in real-time.
I see a few major problems.

1) No support for the freeware version - you should at least have a users
mailing list.
2) No freeware version for education - a deal killer for us - we're poor
3) Not open source - a deal killer for many
4) The screenshots aren't visible enough to even tell if the product is

I appreciate the work you've done, but suspect you'll sell mostly to those
who would have purchased Demarc or some other commercial solution.

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