[Snort-users] What Might I have Missed? RH72, Snort, MySql,PHP, Adodb, Acid

Bruce D. meyer bdmeyer at ...11586...
Wed Apr 7 18:17:08 EDT 2004

>	Hi Bruce,
>	Send the command line used to start snort.

  Thank you.

I start snort via a large /etc/rc.d/init.d/snortd startup script ala
RedHat's normal method of starting a service.
(service snortd start)
I notice that doing a:
service snortd status
always returns a:
snort dead but subsys locked, (even though it really isn't dead):
ps -ax | grep snort


snort 754 0.0 19.4 41548 24508 ? S 18:27 0:00 /usr/sbin/snort-mysql -A
fast -b -d -D -i -u sno

I assume this is the full parameters from init script.

here is the relevant line from the init script:

daemon /usr/sbin/snort-mysql $ALERTMODE $BINDARY_LOG $NO_PACKET_LOG

let me know what else you might need.

This is a Redhat 7.2 with Allhe latest updates that I could find from

Thanks for any advice.

Bruce Meyer

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