[Snort-users] SnortCenter+Sensor problem

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Wed Apr 7 06:18:00 EDT 2004


It helped me.

Best Regards


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> Hi All :
> I have the problem of "Error - Access debnied for IPADDRESS" in adding the
> sensor.
> I have explored all the mailing thread for this error but could not get it
> up. I had no problem in installing all the packages. As I have seen on the
> mailing list it is very known problem.  Please give me clue to get it
> correct if any.

Without better context, it sounds as though the database user configured in
the snortcenter config file doesn't have appropriate privileges for the
snortcenter SQL database.

> I have not installed the Net_SSLeay.pm as I remember and i am not enabling
> it(openssl) on the Sensor windows. Does it affect anything??

Shouldn't do.

> Naveen

Best Regards,
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