[Snort-users] Customizing snort rules

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Tue Apr 6 04:00:02 EDT 2004

--On 06 April 2004 14:29 +0530 simonkc at ...11578... wrote:

> Hi,
> Can anyone point me in the direction of any document explaining how to
> customize snort rules.
> I have a situation wherein the Snort IDS is alerting even for normal SNMP
> requests and traps. How do it disable these alerts for only specific SNMP
> management stations but keep the SNMP rule turned on??

Something like this:



comment out the affected rules and copy them, replacing the source mask 
(probably $EXTERNAL_NET) with !SNMP_MGMT_STATIONS (i.e. anything but your 
designated SNMP management stations).

> Thanks and Regards
> Simon

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