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Kalajzich, Damon Damon.Kalajzich at ...11564...
Mon Apr 5 18:13:01 EDT 2004

I have running Acid on a Win2k box with PHP installed, Everything works fine
except archiving I have worked out that after selecting an Item to archive
Acid is then Querying The Archive Database for the Item and not finding it
there for I get an Error Stating that No alerts were selected or the
ARCHIVE-move was not successful. 
Has anyone seen anything like this before I have specified the Correct Live
and Archive Databases in the Acid_conf.php and these are the only changes I
have made to the php file apart form turning on the Debugging and SQL trace
log.  From the SQL trace log you can see that it is connecting to the
Archive Database running the Query on that and then attempting to insert the
entry back in to the Archive DB.

Connect [mysql] archive1 at ...11577...:3306 as root

[Apr 05 2004 16:53:12] /acid/acid_stat_alerts.php - db version 106


SELECT sig_id FROM signature WHERE sig_name='ICMP PING speedera'

INSERT INTO iphdr (sid,cid,




ip_off,ip_ttl,ip_proto,ip_csum) VALUES (1, 115215, '1075599074',

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