[Snort-users] Rules with multiple contents specified

gurmeet singh gmeetsingh at ...125...
Mon Apr 5 06:52:07 EDT 2004


I am new to the snort. Can some one tell me when multiple contents are 
specified in a rule as in the following rule, what does it mean? Does it 
mean that all the contents MUST be matched and does it also mean that they 
should be in the same sequence as specified in the rule or the sequencing 
does not matter (for e.g for the following rule, "uid=" and "(web)" should 
they be in the same sequence or "(web)" can be before "uid=".

RESPONSES id check returned web"; flow:from_server,established; 
content:"uid="; content:"(web)"; classtype:bad-unknown; sid:1884; rev:2;)


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