[Snort-users] snort dnis on modem

tranceformer at ...10186... tranceformer at ...10186...
Tue Sep 30 21:48:05 EDT 2003

sorry if this is a lame question for i am new to snort 
(win32 - 2.0.2 b92).  ive looked around generally on the 
web for references to seting up snort to piggy back modem 
activity but i seem to have come up with nothing recently. 
 it would be greatly appriciated if someone could throw 
some info to me, or even just a reference in which i could 
find instructions on how to setup something to this 
nature.  i have read the faq, the .pdf, and most of the 
other docs via grep for "modem" or "ppp" and came up with 
nothing pertaining to my quest.  maybe i should be on the 
search for an modem-to-ethernet app... i dont know.

thnx and sorry if im wasting bandwidth on this function.

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