[Snort-users] Snort system error 1067

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Mon Sep 29 15:34:05 EDT 2003

At 05:37 PM 9/29/2003, belen.leyva wrote:
>I am new to the snort world and need assistance.  I installed snort 2.1 on 
>a windows xp pro client and have followed Snort installation guide for 
>Windows to a t but I'm not able to start the snort service successfully 
>because of the following message:
>     The Snort Service is starting.
>     The Snort service could not be started.
>     A system error has occurred.
>     System error 1067 has occurred.
>     The process terminated unexpectantly.

Snort 2.1? Are you sure it's not 2.0.1? AFAIK 2.1 isn't out yet.

So which exact guide did you follow (I assume one of the winsnort.com ones, 
but which?)

Did you actually run snort -W and then snort -v -i (interface number) to 
test it out in command-line mode first before registering a service ?

What exact command line did you enter to register the snort service?

What do you get when you do a snort /SERVICES /SHOW? (make sure you're in 
the snort directory when you run this, as you do with any snort service 

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