[Snort-users] multiple questions

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OK, point taken.

First question:

As a novice I am not clear if the new install I just did according to the
redhat docs has a way of blocking the traffic that I get alerts on. I use
quite a few IPCop boxes with snort that block everything they log. This is
what I was hoping to accomplish when I did my new install. I see now that it
alerts, but does not stop the traffic. I read the FAQ, and see that there
are some other programs that build rules on the fly when an attack is
perceived.  I am not sure if it is necessary to implement these programs, or
if there is something in snort I can turn on to do this. I have read some
pros and cons on this, but feel in my current circumstance I would like to
block unwanted traffic.

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> Raymond,
> I don't have any policy setting authority and I'm just a mouse among the
> many, but this list is not designed to solicit off site free help. There
> only one person benefiting for the knowledge that you may get and the list
> is used for the many.
> Now if you are soliciting to hire a Security Consult, well that is
> acceptable because you would paying for the service. If you are looking
> a Security Consultant then by all means leave me a private email and give
> you a number to call.
> A good idea would be to outline your questions and then start posting them
> in the order of importance. They need to be specific to Snort. Might not
> a good idea to flood the list all at one time with a bunch of questions.
> Cheers...
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> I have a number of questions about implementing snort specific to my
> network.  I  would like to correspond via email with someone that feels
> comfortable with implementing snort on a WAN.
> Some of my questions concern policy routing, blocking traffic vs.
> and rules specific to my network.
> If you can be of assistance please send me an email.
> Raymond Norton
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