[Snort-users] Snort Data Not Showing Up in ACID

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Mon Sep 29 13:25:10 EDT 2003

For ACID to work you must send your alerts to the snort database schema.
ACID does not read the snort alert files instead it reads it's data from a
database. You can either set snort up to store the data directly in the
database as opposed to log files or preferably you can set snort to log to
unified files (binary format) and use barnyard to process the log files and
store the data in MySQL. Once the data is in a database you can point acid
to that DB and view reports on your alerts.

Andy Shrock
DuPont AFS

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Hi there,

I have configured Snort to log alerts that occur on the network. When I
in the alert log file, there are several that do appear. However, nothing
appearing on the ACID web page.

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