[Snort-users] snort thru cron

Kukulkan ismandya at ...5836...
Thu Sep 25 01:51:05 EDT 2003


I am using snort v021111.1. everything went just GREAT  and I like it. 
snortsnarf is simple,fast and I dunnot have to setup  database(although 
it is an option).  I can run the snortsnarf.pl using command mode and 
inside snortsnarf's own directory.

But when I try to run the snortsnarf.pl from another directory, say from 
  /root and define the full path of snarfsnarf, 
/home/snort/ssnarf/snortsnarf.pl  it prompted me with this.

Undefined subroutine &AllMods::load_module_named called at 
/home/snort/ssnarf/snortsnarf.pl line 175.

I have copied all the includes into  perl's /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.0. But 
still I do faced the same problem. Any idea how?

need help

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