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John Sage jsage at ...2022...
Wed Sep 24 08:56:02 EDT 2003


On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 11:56:48AM -0700, Keaton, Lindamaria wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I've upgraded snort 2.0.0 to snort-2.0.2. I do a snort -V and it shows
> snort 2.0.2. But when I try to run the following command
> /usr/local/bin/snort -c /etc/snort/snort.conf. I get a error that mysql
> was not compiled with snort. I tried to recompile snort several times
> using the command ./configure --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql.  I reverted
> back to snort2.0 without a problem. Is there something that I'm doing
> wrong?

> using the command ./configure --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql

Is this ./configure command actually pointing at the installed mysql
library files, and not at the source code location nor at the location
of the compiled executable?

I believe this configure switch wants to be pointing at *.a or *.so.*

I used:

./configure --with-mysql /usr/lib/mysql



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