[Snort-users] Snort Error

Erek Adams erek at ...950...
Wed Sep 24 08:21:15 EDT 2003

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Messay wrote:

> I am somewhat a novice with Snort on Linux. I have installed
> snort-2.0.2.tar.gz and libpcap-0.7.2.tar.gz on Linux 8.2.

Bzzzzzzt.   No such animal as "Linux 8.2".  I'll take a guess and say you
really mean Red Hat.

> I'm running a laptop with 3com pcmcia card.  (model: 3CCFE575CT). I have
> win xp on the same machine and have no problems with snort (win version)
> I have followed all proper directions for installing snort on Linux and
> have received no errors during the process. However when I try to run
> snort i get the following error
> ============
> Error: Failed to lookup for interface: no suitable device found. Please
> specify one with -i switch. Fatal Error, Quitting...
> ============
> If anybody has any information or suggesting regarding the error I would
> appreciate some feedback. Thanks

Have you specified the interface?

	snort -dv -i eth0

And if your card is something other than eth0 replace it with that.


Erek Adams

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