[Snort-users] RE: [Full-Disclosure] Snort not backdoored, Sourcefire not compromised

Matt Schillinger mschilli at ...8937...
Mon Sep 22 10:10:09 EDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-22 at 08:01, Daniele Muscetta wrote:
> > I knew it wasn't true :-)
> Yeah, me too, it smelled very fishy as from the beginning.....
> What's even worse is that this kind of FAKE full-disclosure actually does
> not even target the security industry it SAYS it wants to target...
> These "supposedly dangerous" blackhat do not even behave the way they
> say... they declare war to the security INDUSTRY... and then they attack
> SNORT, which is actually the ONLY free thing available in the IDS
> landscape (and moreover IT IS such a GREAT product !).
Just so the facts are straight, Prelude-IDS is also Open Source

> Who does this FUD advantage ?
> The blackhat they say they are? It does not really look like it would be
> of any help to them... (I think the bad guys might be using snort
> themselves, as they surely don't buy expensive commercial products...)
> Or does it rather give an advantage to the security industry itself....
> those people that would SELL their expensive products more if only snort
> would not exist... ??If these "supposed" blackhats really were against the security
> industry.... why would they target the nice guys who dispense resources
> and awareness for free, being REALLY concerned about the overall security,
> rather than who makes money with it ?
> This crap was obviously just FUD...
> >  Although I did think the phrack 62 was real until I actually took the
> >  time to read some of it after getting some sleep.
> The layout is copied very well indeed...
> >  Thanks for the official statement Marty and keep up the great work
> >  with Snort!
> Right !
> Keep up the great work !
> An applause to Marty & C. who provide the world with such a fine product
> for free, and an applause to the honeynet project who TEACHES people
> security and forensics for free ! BRAVO !
> Best Regards,
> Daniele Muscetta
> "Just 'cause the brainwashing is free, doesn't mean you /have/ to take
> one..." (copied from someone on this or another list...)
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