[Snort-users] RE: [Full-Disclosure] Snort not backdoored, Sourcefire not compromised

Daniele Muscetta daniele at ...10136...
Mon Sep 22 07:26:06 EDT 2003

> I knew it wasn't true :-)

Yeah, me too, it smelled very fishy as from the beginning.....

What's even worse is that this kind of FAKE full-disclosure actually does
not even target the security industry it SAYS it wants to target...
These "supposedly dangerous" blackhat do not even behave the way they
say... they declare war to the security INDUSTRY... and then they attack
SNORT, which is actually the ONLY free thing available in the IDS
landscape (and moreover IT IS such a GREAT product !).
Who does this FUD advantage ?
The blackhat they say they are? It does not really look like it would be
of any help to them... (I think the bad guys might be using snort
themselves, as they surely don't buy expensive commercial products...)
Or does it rather give an advantage to the security industry itself....
those people that would SELL their expensive products more if only snort
would not exist... ??If these "supposed" blackhats really were against the security
industry.... why would they target the nice guys who dispense resources
and awareness for free, being REALLY concerned about the overall security,
rather than who makes money with it ?
This crap was obviously just FUD...

>  Although I did think the phrack 62 was real until I actually took the
>  time to read some of it after getting some sleep.

The layout is copied very well indeed...

>  Thanks for the official statement Marty and keep up the great work
>  with Snort!

Right !
Keep up the great work !
An applause to Marty & C. who provide the world with such a fine product
for free, and an applause to the honeynet project who TEACHES people
security and forensics for free ! BRAVO !

Best Regards,

Daniele Muscetta

"Just 'cause the brainwashing is free, doesn't mean you /have/ to take
one..." (copied from someone on this or another list...)

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