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Sat Sep 20 08:53:02 EDT 2003

pieter claassen <pieter at ...9950...> [2003:09:20:14:42:26+0100] scribed:
> We are in the process of developing a Management Reporting tool and
> currently have a prototype out there that produces PDF reports from a
> Snort database.
> http://countersnipe.com/developer/downloads/product_documentation/sample_report.pdf
> The product is completely done in Python, can run standalone (python
> interpreter and libraries are packaged together) and runs on both
> Windows and Linux.
> So, here are my questions:
> 1. We currently do not plan to open source the product because we
> believe there is no good business model specifically for management
> reporting to do this. The reason primarily being that device management
> is exactly the value add that commercial products such as Sourcefire and
> Countersnipe offer to the client and by providing this capability as
> open source, it will undermine the revenue model that currently makes
> Snort such a successful OS product. Any opinions on this matter?
> 2. The product does not easily lend itself to collaborative effort from
> a technical point of view, but there is certainly great millage in
> obtaining input from the OS community on the business logic (what type
> of questions should business reports answer). Does anybody have any
> ideas on how such a relationship between the OS community and a
> commercial product could work? I see this as an efficiency issue in that
> we will eventually obtain those questions through our clients, but it
> will happen faster through the snort community.
> 3. Lastly, any comments on how to handle commercial products in this
> forum? 

For a fee, we can work with you on this . . .

Best Regards,

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