[Snort-users] Snort Logs

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Thu Sep 18 06:11:05 EDT 2003

When the Snort process is sent the HUP signal, it'll close the file
descriptor for that log file and reopen it,
essentially opening a new file.  You won't have to reboot the system; you
won't even have to restart Snort because
that's what the `kill -HUP` command does.  As for compressing the file, if
you have the directive 'compress' in
your /etc/logrotate.conf file the log file will be compressed as it's
rotated out.

Eric Grejda

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How will a new file generate? How I see this, it will kill snort but not
restart it. Will I then have to reboot the system, in order for a new alert
file to generate. Is that correct, or am I completely wrong?

This is what I'm trying to accomplish. I want the alert file to either
compress and move to a different directory, but then start a new alert file
without kill snort. Is there a way to do this?

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