[Snort-users] Snort 2.0.2 - Output plugins

Always Bishan bishan4u at ...1396...
Wed Sep 17 21:47:07 EDT 2003

Hi Snorters,

I just read the mail about the latest release of
Snort, snort2.0.2.

But I couldnot find anything for which I need to
upgrade to the latest version. Since a very long time
I'm looking for some good output plugins for Snort
like SMS,Email,POP-ups or Sound alarms. 

Does the latest version consists of any
addition/improvement/facility for output plugins(I
couldnot find these on the website)

I think we should look at working on some real time
output plugins. Why I'm saying that is because the
System Admins here don't have time to keep open ACID
every now and then to see the alerts. For e.g.
Symantec's Manhunt can send SMS, some other can ring
soung alarms.

If we can work something comprehensive on this field,
it would surely add great asset to Snort.

Even if third party plugins can be added which parse
the log file to raise these alerts, it would be a good
enhancement for Snort.

Any comments, views, critics and clues welcome!


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