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Mon Sep 15 08:22:22 EDT 2003


I have installed Snort 2.0 on windows 2000 professional and in my E-mail Alerts I get the following error " Query failed: SELECT timestamp, hostname,sig_name, ip_src, ip_dst, ip_proto FROM sensor,event,signature,iphdr WHERE event.sid=sensor.sid AND event.signature=signature.sig_id AND event.cid=iphdr.cid GROUP BY event.timestamp DESC LIMIT 15; " 

Could you please help in sorting out where the problem lies and how to rectify this.

Thanks & Regards,
Sanjeev Sharma
NOC-Network Helpdesk.
Lawkim UP|Stream  Contact Management Pvt. Ltd.
Toll Free: 1866 244 2964 Ext 1090
Cell: 9821879812
Tel: +91-22-2530 2557 / 2558
Fax:+91-22-2530 2444

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