[Snort-users] Outbound Information Filter?

Ratty Ratty at ...10071...
Sun Sep 14 16:49:02 EDT 2003

Hey guys, Im looking for information. I was told snort could fill my need
for an outbound packet filter, and im interested to know if it can do what
im looking for, and how to go about implimenting rules to do this. I have an
old FreeBSD box that i run as a router/firewall (routed/ipfw) and im
wondering if there are rules for snort i can use that will drop outbound
packets (or replace information in them) if they contain certain data, such
as a phone number or credit card number. Just to filter outbound information
to thwart any unintentional transmission of data. Can snort do this, and
what would be an example rule to replace all packets that contain
123-456-7890 with another phone number such as 321-654-0987.

Thanks for your time,


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