[Snort-users] Snorts Barnyard usage

Robert Perez Robert.Perez at ...7941...
Fri Sep 12 12:56:41 EDT 2003

Has anyone used CodeCrafts port of Barnyard for Windows?  I cannot seem to
get it to use the -s or -g switch.??  If I use them it scrolls all the
options by as though I typed an invalid command.  For example:

barnyard -c c:\applications\barnyard\etc\barnyard-mysql.conf -d
c:\applications\snort\log -f c:\applications\snort\log\snort.alert -s
c:\applications\snort\etc\sid-msg.map -g
c:\applications\snort\etc\gen-msg.map -D

Also, it never seems to stay running in the Daemon mode.?  Thx all.


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