[Snort-users] Large mysql files in folder /usr/local/mysql/var (Redhat Linux 8.0 ver)

Darryl Luff dluff at ...9557...
Tue Sep 9 04:50:04 EDT 2003

Sudhakar Gummadi wrote:

>I was wondering how I could resolve the issue of the file size growing very large more than 1GB in the following folder /usr/local/mysql/var with the file names as
> IDSsnort-bin.001 ,002 and so on... One of our Snort box running on Linux had used 100%  disk space and crashed.
> Are there any automated scripts which can delete the older file to make space on the hard disk.
If snort is logging to mysql you would need to run an sql query to 
remove the old entries, rather than just deleting the files. If you 
don't need the database capability, you might look at other logging 
options that are more economical with disk space, but whatever you use 
there needs to be some process in place to manage the logs.

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