[Snort-users] Large mysql files in folder /usr/local/mysql/var (Redhat Linux 8.0 ver)

Sudhakar Gummadi sgummadi at ...8733...
Mon Sep 8 20:57:03 EDT 2003

I was wondering how I could resolve the issue of the file size growing very large more than 1GB in the following folder /usr/local/mysql/var with the file names as

 IDSsnort-bin.001 ,002 and so on... One of our Snort box running on Linux had used 100%  disk space and crashed.

 Are there any automated scripts which can delete the older file to make space on the hard disk.

Any suggestion really appreciated.


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On Wed, 6 Aug 2003 m.stiefenhofer at ...9624... wrote:

> >i want snort to look at the ip range of - but i
> >cant figure out how to input this into the ip list.  how do i put that
> >into the var HOME_NET list?  thanks for any help
> var HOME_NET

Sorry, that's not going to work.

Ipcalc is your friend!

[erek at ...6976...]~>ipcalc

Address:              00001010.00000101.000000 00.00000000
Netmask: = 22    11111111.11111111.111111 00.00000000
Wildcard:             00000000.00000000.000000 11.11111111
Network:           00001010.00000101.000000 00.00000000
(Class A)
Broadcast:            00001010.00000101.000000 11.11111111
HostMin:              00001010.00000101.000000 00.00000001
HostMax:            00001010.00000101.000000 11.11111110
Hosts/Net: 1022                  (Private Internet RFC 1918)

It won't catch the 10.5.4.x net.  You'll need to use something else.

Since the more subnets you throw at HOME_NET the more Snort has to work,
you'll come out with:

	var HOME_NET [,]


Erek Adams

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