[Snort-users] System hardening

John Creegan jcreegan at ...9729...
Wed Sep 3 07:29:04 EDT 2003

I've got the basic snort and reporting systems up and running (snort,
ACID, MySQL) and I'm ready to turn my attention to protecting/hardening
my system (Solaris 8 on SPARC) before I do any more with snort
(barnyard, oinkmaster, etc.)

I'm looking at a tool (yassp) for going beyond the system hardening
described in the docs.  I can't find any mention of it (so far) in the
archives, FAQ or the recommended three books.  Yassp seems a bit old. 
It may work well for Solaris 8, but it appears there's been no recent
support for it.

Does anyone think it's worth hardening a system so much?  I've already
got tripwire running but that, to me, is a reactive approach.  I'd
rather prevent someone from changing my system files than to know they
already did it.

I'm aware that unless I proceed carefully I can make the system useless
for its intended purpose, running snort.

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