[Snort-users] Snort "invisible"

Daniel Hondo Tedesque danielhondo at ...10023...
Wed Sep 3 06:48:13 EDT 2003


My name and Daniel, I am implanting the Snort tool (RedHat 9,0) in the company
where work, and I structuralized the security of the following form: Will be 3
sensors spread in internal, external net and DMZ, each sensor have two
interfaces where the interface eth0 will be responsible for the listening of the
net and the interface eth1 responsavel for the exchange of information between
the sensors, being, two distinct nets of form that the sensors are "invisible"
the net of the company. The external sensor will receive the packages before
firewall from form that in case that some activity registers suspicion,
immediately creates a rule in firewall to block the suspicious IP (SnortSam). It
would like to know if ha one forms to modify stack TCP of form that the
interfaces eth0 are inhibited of possible attacks or that they only listen to
the net, being registered for none another one does not scheme.

Thanks, Daniel Hondo - UNOESTE - Brasil.

UNOESTE - Universidade do Oeste Paulista
FIPP - Faculdade de Informática de Pres. Prudente

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