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Michael Steele michaels at ...9077...
Sat Nov 29 12:14:02 EST 2003

Reinstall jpgraph according to the installation instructions. Don’t forget
to set the path in acid_conf.php.


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My output module in snort is a database. I can see all the logs to that
database but there is an option for displaying all logs with pie charts and
all those different charts. 
I get this error when I click to that link:

Warning: is_file(): Stat failed for /root/jpgraph-1.12.2/src/jpgraph.php
(errno=13 - Permission denied) in
/home/httpd/htdocs/acid/acid_graph_common.php on line 37
Error loading the Graphing library: from
Check the Graphing abstraction library variable $ChartLib_path in
So I’m asking if anybody can help me.

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