[Snort-users] Is it really a HUB?

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Fri Nov 28 12:37:03 EST 2003

At 03:16 PM 11/28/2003, you wrote:

>Interesting.  I personally use a NetGear DS104 dual-speed hub, specially
>purchased for such work.  I've never seen that behavior.  I do, though,
>have to watch the port speed lights carefully, and hard-set the NIC
>interface speed at times.

Actually I just looked at it.. it's not a netgear, it's a linksys "network 
everywhere" NH1005 v2.

The "square blue box" look which I distinctly remembered about the device 
confused me into thinking it was a netgear.

This device really does have a very similar look to netgear products:

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