[Snort-users] MySQL Disconnects

Ben Nelson lists at ...10344...
Wed Nov 26 09:45:10 EST 2003

You can solve this problem by logging to unified log format files on the 
local sensor, then use mudpit or something to parse the files and insert 
into your MySQL database.  If the database is unavailable, mudpit will 
just keep its place in the log file and keep trying to connect to the 
MySQL server.


adam_peterson at ...10608... wrote:
> I have 2 sensors running at remote locations where bandwidth isn't 
> exactly the best.  It looks like snort is losing connection to my MySQL 
> server accross the link.  I have 1 other sensor in the exact same 
> scenario and it never loses connection.  I'm determining this by running 
> netstat on the remote box and seeing only my ssh connection.  If I 
> restart snort, I see a connection on port 3306 to my MySQL server.
> Does anyone know why this is happening?  My guess would be a timeout 
> somewhere but I would hope that snort would re-establish the connection 
> if it needs to.  I know that these sensors are getting alerts but aren't 
> able to send them to the db because of the disconnect.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Adam Peterson | Senior WAN Engineer | SPL WorldGroup | 
> adam_peterson at ...10608...

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