[Snort-users] snort inline behavior

Josh Berry josh.berry at ...10221...
Wed Nov 26 06:40:10 EST 2003

Yes, when you shutdown Snort-Inline on the interfaces that connections are
coming in and out of then IPTables sends packets to the QUEUE but there is
nothing to inspect them and pass them on.  I suggest having another NIC
for managment of the box and not running snort-inline on that NIC.

> First, thanks to all for the help on getting the right inline version
> running.
> I went through my firewall script and every '-j ACCEPT' I had, I changed
> to
> '-j QUEUE' and re-built my iptable chains.  Did `insmod ip_queue`, loaded
> fine.  Started up snort_inline with '-DQ -l ... -c ...'.  Everything
> looked
> fine.  After a couple of minutes I decided instead of -D (daemon) I'd
> rather
> see a little output to make sure it was seeing packets as expected.  I was
> ssh'ed into the box so I figured my iptables "ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j
> entry should show a lot of ssh packets.  I do a `kill` on the snort_inline
> pid and suddenly my ssh connection goes dead - I'm waiting for it to
> timeout
> now.  In the mean time I've tried to re-ssh back into the box, but they
> just
> time out.
> I'm wondering if this is some weird deal that if you don't have someone
> running on QUEUE that the packets never get ACCEPTed and by shutting snort
> down I just shot myself in the foot.
> I'm going to go ahead and set up another box (that one is 1hr away, and
> the
> tech guy will arive in the morning and I'll walk him through changing
> back to ACCEPT and restart the firewall...) and getting it tested locally
> where if it breaks I can fix it easily.
> In the mean time I was wondering if you guys could lend your experience
> here.  Does killing snort_inline while it's watching the QUEUE break any
> connections that are getting -j QUEUEed?  What happened here?
> Thanks!
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