[Snort-users] Size of RAM required to run Snort

Stein Boerge Sylvarnes Stein.Sylvarnes at ...8157...
Mon Nov 24 06:44:04 EST 2003

On Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 01:16:49PM +0000, aravind babu wrote:
> Hi , 
>      How much RAM is required to run Snort?
As much as possible.  It depends on your ruleset, and more important,
what preprocessors (if any) you use.  Also mote that the new 2.x use
more than 1.9.x.  Yoou could probably get an 1.9.x running with 32MB
over a slow link, but it would be a tight fit.  On the other side, a 2.x
running on a GigE link without too much tuning would benefit from a GB
or two.

This has, however, benn discussed several times in the past.  For more
details, you should search the mailing-list archives[0].

> Thanks in advance,
> Aravind.

[0] Checking the documentation, searching the list-archives and google
    is basic homerwork that should *allways* be done before posting to
    the list.
Stein B. Sylvarnes
stein.sylvarnes at ...8157...

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