[Snort-users] Why are splay trees used in the preprocessors?

Dragos Ruiu dr at ...381...
Sun Nov 23 00:18:02 EST 2003

Splay trees are better than hashes in almost all applications.
Especially network traffic that is self similar.


On November 22, 2003 09:09 pm, Joe Smith wrote:
> I have been studying the Snort code (v2.0.2) for a few
> weeks with most of my focus on the stateful
> preprocessors (portscan, portscan2, frag2, stream4).
> I noticed that they all use splay trees to store
> information (such as Portscanner nodes, Target nodes,
> Conversation nodes, etc.).  Obviously, speed is of
> utmost priority in packet processing code.  My
> question is why is a splay tree the preferred data
> structure for this?  Would a hash have worked better?
> I understand that a splay tree will arrange itself to
> have the most frequently accessed nodes near the top
> (root) and thus have a very low avg. search time.
> Also, it would be faster to examine every node in
> order (based on some comparison criteria) in a splay
> tree than in a hash because the hash would require a
> sorting of the keys for this purpose.  Additionally,
> since the preprocessors prune their trees every time
> they recieve a packet, it seems the traversal becomes
> a critical feature of the chosen data structure.
> Anyway, this argument does not fully convince me that
> the splay tree is the fastest choice.  What about the
> cost of inserting a node?  Is it possible that the
> splay tree was chosen for reasons other than speed?
> Thanks,
> Peter
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