[Snort-users] Snort 2.0.4 CPU Utilization\Optimization

Edin Dizdarevic edin.dizdarevic at ...7509...
Fri Nov 21 01:28:03 EST 2003

Hm I forgot there are zone transfers between nameservers which are 
sometimes being done using TCP...

Another thing: We have Dell PowerEdge 2600 machines here - have you 
enabled SMP in order to use Hyperthreading? I also heve a strange issue
that one process is eating one complete "virtual CPU" - in this case not
Snort, however, but the RNG userspace driver. Sometimes before it was a
crond (!). Very strange. One further issue is with PE 2600 is that the
hardware clock not working properly so I get "time reset" every 20
Minutes. Someone said it has something to do with the IRQs but I simply
didn't have time until now to follow that.

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