[Snort-users] installing snort - Red Hat 9 - basic questions

Patrick Nicholls patrick2 at ...10604...
Thu Nov 20 06:46:04 EST 2003

HI Folks:

Excuse my ignorance. I have been trying to track down the 1,2,3 step by 
step for installing
snort on Red Hat Linux ver 9.  I am quasi-learned for Linux but am getting 
the hang of it.
This is what I have: the snort-2.0.1 directory (uncompressed w/ 22 folders 
in it).
Don't know how to 'run' snort- in any mode.  In Windows I guess I'd be 
looking for the snort.exe.
Did read the online snort materials but they skipped right over the basic 
stuff, like installing it..
Any help and URL's (already read the ones from snort.org) would be appreciated.
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