[Snort-users] snortcenter install problem

Shekar reddy shekar_reddy at ...131...
Wed Nov 19 06:28:23 EST 2003



I have installed SNORT/ACID/SNORTCENTER all on same Solaris9 sparc system and I’m getting the following error in snortcenter console:


hostname ->hme0 Can't Connect to local_host_ip:2525  Retry Connecting


sensor message: Error – Access denied for local_host_ip




hostname ->hme0 Can't Connect to  Retry Connecting


sensor message: curl: (7) Failed connect to 146



Note: Also I’m not seeing any traffic in ACID console. Number of sensors in ACID is “0”


Please let me know what is wrong with my setup. 


I have given appropriate paths to curl etc. 


Here's my list of tools:

SNORT 2.0.4 

Openssl 0.97c

Php 4.3.4 

Curl 7.10.8

Snortcenter v1.0-RC1


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