[Snort-users] Attack on snort running in Public Zone

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Tue Nov 18 15:54:25 EST 2003

To bring this back on conversation, the original question was to avoid a
DDoS attack...


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> >It seems to me that, second interface or not, such an exploit as the
> >example Matt gave could also be used to somehow provide an IP to the
> >'stealth' box.
> >
> >Now a tap, well, they would need to do some wiring to beat that one
> >(unless there's another interface).  Right?
> In a box with only one NIC, connected to a hardware tap with no send
> capabilities, even the best case for an exploiter would leave
> them limited
> to making changes to the snort box itself.. ie: they could load code to
> delete files, call for shutdown, etc.
> So it's still not hackproof, but you've greatly limited what they can do.
> Realistically they'd also be limited in the size of the code they could
> execute by the nature of the buffer overflow in snort they were
> exploiting.. I've never studied the old 1.9.x stream4 exploit to get an
> idea of roughly how much code could be executed with it.
> However, they'd never be able to get any kind of remote shell, or get any
> data out of the snort box to do much useful.
> Of course, your only way of getting a prompt or data out of the box would
> be at the physical console itself. You'd not be able to get a
> remote login
> shell, etc, either.
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