[Snort-users] SnortCenter : $EXTERNAL_NET value overwriten when updating configuration

sebastien desse sebastien.desse at ...10577...
Tue Nov 18 02:37:03 EST 2003


I use snortcenter 1.0rc1 to manage 3 snort sensors.

1) 1st Issue
I changed $EXTERNAL_NET value form any to !$HOME_NET in the snortcenter configuration.
If I do so, the configured value is overwriten when updating configuration from internet or from a file.

2) 2nd Issue
I tried to add an another $EXTERNAL_NET value in variables configuration page and select this value in the sensors's variables configuration pages. It seem ok but when generating file and when I take a lot at it I can see the following message : 

# Next variable has been changed to 'any', couldn't find another variable match

I have the same issue with all de snorts's configuration default variables.

Any idea ?

I'd like to know if SnortCenter project is still active or not ?

Best regards,


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