[Snort-users] ACID 0.9.6b24 inactive references link

sebastien desse sebastien.desse at ...10577...
Tue Nov 18 02:36:01 EST 2003


I saw previous posts on this topic BUT;
The solution I saw in the mailling list is to upgrade to 0.9.6b24 from CVS.
I tried to do this but the references links are still inactive.

I tried to create a fresh database install; nothing.
I tried to reinstall ACID 0.9.6b24; ...

Here you will find a text example :
cve bugtraq nessus bugtraq cve[snort] WEB-FRONTPAGE shtml.exe access

cve bugtraq nessus bugtraq cve are inactive links. Maybe it is a parsing error in ACID,
I tried to find the solution by myself but I cannot find where this kind of stuff is handled.

My config :
I use snort 2.0, SnortCenter 1.0rc1 for management and ACID 0.9.6b24.
My distribution is Mandrake 9.0.
Browsers are IE (sorry) and opera.

I emailed Roman Danyliw <rdd at ...241...> twice in the last 6 month but I never get answer.

Can someone help me ?

Best Regards,


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