[Snort-users] WINSNORT.com - Announcements (UNIX/Win32)!

Michael Steele michaels at ...9077...
Sun Nov 16 11:35:09 EST 2003

To all Snort Users:

Announcment 1:

WINSNORT.com is excited to announce the addition of one new Windows guide:

The complete guide to installing IDS Policy Manager on a Masater / Slave
configuration using an SSH connection to push all the configuration and
Rules files to the Slaves.

Announcement 2: 

WINSNORT.com is excited to announce the completion of the Redhat 9
installation guide. A BIG Thank You goes to 'Patrick Harper' for allowing
WINSNORT.com to convert and add the guide to our regimate of Install Guides.

Announcement 3:

WINSNORT.com is looking for installation guides. Please send a note if you
have something that would be of interest to the Snort communbity (UNIX or

Send inquires to: guides at ...9077...


-Michael Steele
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