[Snort-users] Compiling under Debian...

Jon Hart warchild at ...8039...
Thu Nov 13 12:59:03 EST 2003

On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 11:51:22AM -0800, Tobias Rice wrote:
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> SnortUsers-
> After being left out in the cold, I've taken off my redhat and started
> using Debian. I have MySQL running via apt-get. But when I try to
> compile snort2.0.4 --with-mysql, it can't find mysql.h. I *thought* I
> had gotten the MySQL source (apt-get source mysql) installed, but
> apparently not. Arrg, I hate being a n00b again.
> Any Deb'ers out there want to take a stab at this?
> Many thanks!

apt-get source mysql will simply get the source used to compile the
mysql deb.  This will usually result in a number of files being
deposited in your current directory, like a tarball of the official
mysql source, some diffs, etc.

To get the mysql development files, you'll need to install
libmysqlclient-dev.  In this case, 'apt-cache search' is your friend.

Good luck,


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